Tuesday, January 1, 2013

News Year's Kuala Lumpur 2013

If I could sum up my New Year's experience in downtown Kuala Lumpur this 2013 in two words it would be "snow spray". I have now seen enough snow spray to last a lifetime. More of it was sprayed by the thousands of peoples in the streets I visited than... well... it was a lot. Whether it just set back the healing of the Earth's ozone layer or not is a question for scientists to explore.

All I can say is that New Year's in Kuala Lumpur was far more intense than my experience in Phnom Penh several years ago (which was pretty good). At the moment, I am out of words, so I will just share some photos, even if they are a bit fuzzy. For the rest of you still waiting for 2013, I'll just say most seems the same, but you might want to stay clear of any snow spray.

Happy New Year's...

Where I had a late night seafood dinner of sting ray, clams, and assorted veggies

The head chef from Myanmar

The snow spraying fun had already begun before midnight

Snow spray explosions

Nobody was immune

Big crowds


Taking over the streets

Many disposed snow spray cans

Photographic opportunities

Capturing the moment

Walking down the middle of the street

More snow

Still snowing

Never enough snow

Nobody was safe

Plenty to clean up

US $5 per cup for a Carlsberg beer at one bar 

Some Indonesian guys I met

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