Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Front View from a Driverless Train in Kuala Lumpur

One day while taking the light rail on Kuala Lumpur's Kelana Jaya Line I boarded the front car. I then discovered its trains are "driverless" and include a front window providing an excellent view. And I have since noticed it is particularly popular with kids.

Father helping his young daughter look out the train's front window

Several of my friends have kids who are fascinated with trains. So that provides me a convenient excuse to share a few photos from a train ride today when the front window was free.

On an elevated portion of the line and about to enter the tunnel near the Masjid Jamek station

underground tunnel for Kuala Lumpur light rail trains
An exciting curve

It appears I had some onlookers

Approaching a station

Off again

The front view definitely makes the train ride a bit more interesting, though not as "interesting" as the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai. Despite (or because of) the Shanghai tunnel being a "trippy" experience and Lonely Planet commenting:
Stepping from the trains at the terminus, visitors are visibly nonplussed, their disbelief surpassed only by those with return tickets.
I typically recommend it to friends visiting Shanghai. As noted on CNN Travel:
But what's not to love about the sudden appearance of blow-up dolls, flashing colored lights and booming, disembodied voices saying vaguely apocalyptic words such as "magma" and "hell." You won't get that on the metro.
You also won't get that on the Kuala Lumpur light rail, which is probably a good thing.