Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Disappearing Outdoor Market in Penang

Yesterday, I saw an example of Malaysia's ethnic diversity at an outdoor market in Penang. I happened to be nearby today, and I decided to take a quick look.

The scene was rather different.

empty dirt area with a few trees in Penang, Malaysia

A couple vendors were set up on the side. And I recognized the faces of a couple other vendors who appeared to be relaxing. But as the photo shows, there were few signs of yesterday's lively market.

Today, I visited the location around 3 p.m. Had I stopped by at a similar time yesterday, and not at 5 p.m., I may have never "discovered" the market and had the opportunity to photograph some of its scenes.

I will later share some other examples to highlight how time and luck can matter in research, whether you're trying to understand a culture or the human brain.

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