Monday, October 15, 2012

Bubbles in Changsha and New Mexico

young women making bubbles at a park in Changsha, China

Although it may seem trivial, an explanation for why people, especially children, enjoy bubbles so much could provide important insights about the human brain for issues such as visuo-spatial cognition, emotions, and evolution. Regardless, I was also able to appreciate the above scene of several young women making bubbles at Nianjia Lake in Changsha' Lieshi Park for the calm moment it provided.

And as I write this post, I am also keeping an eye on another "bubble". Felix Baumgartner is currently being carried up in a pressurized capsule by a balloon that took off in New Mexico for his attempt at a record-breaking balloon ascent and skydive. His jump might not be a calm moment, but best of luck to him on his inspiring feat.

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