Sunday, October 7, 2012

Making Faces at Hong Kong's Victoria Peak

view of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

I feel safe saying that it is rare for people to unintentionally walk from the lowest levels on Hong Kong Island to its highest point at Victoria Peak. Well, my friend and I managed to achieve such a feat. After a sea-level dim sum brunch and Hong-Kong-style milk teas, we headed out for a walk without any particular destination in mind. We slowly made our way to higher levels and eventually passed over the tram tracks which connect Hong Kong's Mid-Levels with Victoria Peak. I interpreted a nearby split in the tracks to mean we were close to the top (which could not be seen from our vantage point), so we decided we might as well walk the rest of the way. However, the split was actually at the halfway point for the tram -- not a small difference. After walking uphill for a curious amount of time I realized my mistake, but now that we had a goal in mind we were determined to reach it.

Although we had both been to the top before, it was our first time to go up completely by foot. I thought it would be a grand idea to walk down the other side, but my friend was already rather content with our accidental achievement. At least the tram provided an entertaining return.

Above is an unremarkable photo of the remarkable view from Victoria Peak. What else sticks out in my memory of our time at the top is meeting a young Hong Kong family. Just before taking a photograph of them to remember the moment I exclaimed, "Make a face!". They were fully prepared for such a request and obliged without any hesitation:

young Hong Kong family making similar faces for a photo

Ah... family.

Just another small wonderful moment that confirms the joys of semi-random walks -- no matter the altitude.

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