Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Citibank's "Seafood Ads" in Hong Kong's Sai Kung Town

Similar to tram advertisements in Hong Kong, at Hong Kong's Sai Kung Town I saw several examples of ads displayed in a manner not commonly experienced elsewhere in the world. Two of the ad displays were for Citibank, a large international bank whose promotions can be found in a variety of places in Hong Kong.

The Citibank presence at one of Sai Kung's many waterfront seafood restaurants was hard to miss:

Citibank promotion and logos being prominently displaying at a restaurant in Sai Kung Town, Hong Kong

The sign on the left advertised a discount promotion at the restaurant if you use a Hong Kong Citibank card. Promotions by Citibank and other banks are not uncommon in Hong Kong at places such as restaurants or movie theaters. But this restaurant took the extra step with its Citibank awning and Citibank seat covers. If I were meeting a friend there I might just tell them to find me at the Citibank restaurant.

The other example I saw in Sai Kung Town was also seafood-related:

Citibank umbrella on a seafood boat in Sai Kung Town, Hong Kong

This was one of several boats along the waterfront selling fresh seafood to customers. Despite its Citibank umbrella, the boat did not appear to accept Citibank cards. However, it did have some impressively large crabs.

These two seafood-themed examples present a variety of issues worth pondering -- for example, the potential benefits for Citibank and the restaurant or the seafood seller. I also wonder whether Citibank specifically planned for one of its umbrellas to end up on a seafood boat or it was the result of an opportunistic act.

Finally, regardless of whether you are interested in considering seafood-related advertising issues, I can recommend considering something else in Sai Kung, eating a variety of delicious seafood dishes:

seafood dishes at a restaurant in Sai Kung Town, Hong Kong

Don't worry, my friend and I were still awaiting a fish dish.

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