Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween in Changsha and Taipei

[Update at end]

Although the Halloween holiday is becoming more popular in some parts of Asia, I haven't seen much signs of it in Changsha, Hunan province. While stopping by a bar that brews its own beer (an extreme rarity in Hunan) on Friday night, I could not avoid noticing the ongoing Halloween party. But it seemed to be mostly comprised of foreigners who are working in Changsha. I heard there was a pricey Halloween party somewhere Saturday night and there may have been something happening in an area with many clubs, but walking around a popular shopping district yesterday during the early evening I saw no signs most people or businesses were aware of the holiday. However, I did feel a bit of the Halloween spirit when I saw this spider that had made its home next to a construction site at a pedestrian shopping street:

spider in a web in Changsha, Hunan, China

Since I have no other Halloween-themed photos from Changsha, I will share some more from last year when I was in Taipei where I saw signs of Halloween in several areas. These scenes are all from near Taipei 101, Taiwan's tallest building, where a number of clubs had Halloween parties during the weekend:

dressed up for Halloween in Taipei, Taiwan

dressed up for Halloween in Taipei, Taiwan

dressed up for Halloween in Taipei, Taiwan

dressed up for Halloween in Taipei, Taiwan

young women wearing cupcake and sailor costumes for Halloween in Taipei, Taiwan

For more scenes of Halloween in Taipei see my post from last year here.

UPDATE: There's much more Halloween spirit in Changsha than the above. For the Halloween scenes I saw in Changsha during the next couple of days see my more recent post here: More Halloween in Changsha, China.

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