Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Delicious Cantonese Food in Guangzhou

Earlier I wrote "I now find myself in a place I had no plans to visit. But at least it is a place with good food". So that readers cannot claim I wrote empty words, I will share just a few of the wonderful dishes I opportunistically enjoyed during my recent and brief stay in Guangzhou.

A restaurant I earlier mentioned for their "Chinese-style donuts" is also deservedly well known for their congee and rice noodle rolls. Here is just one of the items I enjoyed, a shrimp rice noodle roll in a tasty sauce:

Shrimp rice noodle roll at Wuzhanji (伍湛记) in Guangzhou, China

I had to splurge for this item since it is their most expensive roll at about US $1.60 (10 yuan).

I also enjoyed several dishes at another well-known restaurant, Nanxin (南信). Here is something you do not often (ever?) see in the U.S. -- brisket with radishes in a fish broth noodle soup:

Brisket and turnips in a fish broth noodle soup at Nanxin (南信) in Guangzhou, China

I would not have thought of putting beef in a fish soup, but I can only praise the results.

After noticing it while taking a walk, I tried another restaurant for the first time. The cold green beans in a fermented bean sauce were refreshing:

Green beans in a fermented bean sauce in Guangzhou, China

Yet what impressed me most was their spicy seafood curry:

Cantonese seafood curry in Guangzhou, China

It might have been my favorite Cantonese curry ever.

Continuing the curry theme, before heading to the Guangzhou South Rail Station today I gave this seafood curry fried rice a try:

Cantonese seafood curry fried rice in Guangzhou, China

The crab roe was a great touch.

At yet another favorite restaurant, I already knew what I wanted to order before I walked in the door. Although it had been more than half a year since I had last been there, the staff not only remembered me but my favorite dish as well:

Fish dish in Guangzhou, China

The fish is filleted and mixed with assorted vegetables, wood ear mushrooms, and sweetened cashews in a light sauce. The head, tail and remaining fish bones (which still include some meat) are deep fried. When I shared the photo with an American friend he commented, "I like how they made the fish look just like a plate." Yes, it is amazing what they can do in Guangzhou.

I could go on but I will leave it at this. I do not want to bore the people who do not care about food photos, and I do not want to overly torture those who might care about them a bit too much.

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