Monday, November 26, 2012

A Changsha Dinner

In case you were wondering what genuine home-cooked Hunan cuisine* could look like in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, then wonder no more.

various home-cooked Hunan-style dishes for a dinner in Changsha, China

Included in the delicious meal were dishes of lotus root & corn, potato, pork & cauliflower, chicken, fish, and so on... Of course, much of it was appropriately spicy per the glorious Hunan cooking laws**.

This is representative of yet another reason to meet new people wherever you explore. This also partly explains why I will not be posting anything else today. More will appear here tomorrow. For now, I will publish this before the above photo makes me hungry again***.

But first, a big thanks to my new friends. In partial return for their kindness, two of them now share possession of a quacking pig. They seemed to truly appreciate it.

* Known as Xiang cuisine (Xiāngcài -- 湘菜) in China
** It just seems such laws must implicitly exist.
*** Too late...

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