Friday, November 23, 2012

My Thanksgiving in Changsha

Last night, I was able to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner meal in Changsha thanks to a Thanksgiving-themed buffet at a hotel. I ate and drank my fill. Actually, I ate more than that. And some more. There were some Texan ranch owners wearing their cowboy hats at the restaurant. Several Italians and of course some Chinese joined in the fun as well.

Afterwards, I stopped by a favorite bar and had a glass of their home-brewed India Pale Ale. I also had some great conversations with the Filipino band during their breaks. They really liked the small pig I had just bought. When squeezed it makes duck-like sounds. No, it's not a real pig. One of the bar staff later tried to take the pig as partial payment for my drink. However, it didn't fit in the cash register.

plastic pig atop an open cash register at a bar in Changsha, China

Afterwards, I saved a rather large rat from what I suspect would have been a most unfortunate fate. Yes, it was a real rat. I will admit I did not expect it to run more than halfway up my leg for safety from the two people who seemed intent on its demise. I believe there was a brief moment while it hung on my pants when the rat and I looked at each other trying to figure out where this newfound connection would lead. After that special moment, I left the rat in safer conditions and walked away while chatting with two friendly (to me, not to rats) guys from Changsha. I assume the rat is now off doing what rats do best when they are not on my leg or being cornered by humans amusing themselves.

And those are the highlights to my Thanksgiving evening in Changsha--plenty for me and a rat to be thankful for.

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