Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Three Wheeled Distractions

I have been distracted lately, but more is on the way. I considered writing about my distractions, but I decided they would be of little interest. I would say more about why they would be of little interest, but that in itself would be boring too. So, here is a photo:

man in front of his motor tricycle cart in Changsha, China

This man in Changsha seemed excited to see me the other day and happily posed for a photo. I was excited he was excited and also impressed by his shiny motor-tricycle-cart.

For a photo of a non-motorized tricycle cart see a post from last year with photos and a video of scenes that may now be forever gone, "Slowly Vanishing: Shanghai's 'Old' Xiaonanmen". On that note, the area where I met the above man is now experiencing its own share of vanishing scenes.

More about that, technology, and college dormitory stools later.

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