Friday, October 18, 2013

Not-So-Smoky Smoking Sections in Macau

Looking down at The Venetian Macau's casino.

In an earlier post I described Macau's attempt to reduce the number of smoking areas in its many casinos, including requiring casinos to designate at least half of their public space as non-smoking. Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to take a look around two of Macau's larger casinos at The Venetian Macau and the Galaxy Macau. They had clearly marked non-smoking and smoking areas, and people could be found playing in both. I didn't notice a single person smoking in a non-smoking area, but it was the smoking-areas which most caught my eye, or actually my nose. Especially in the Galaxy Macau, I was impressed that as I walked through the smoking areas I rarely smelled any smoke at all, even when I was close to smokers. It was a very different experience from most other smoking areas I've been in. Plenty of people were smoking, so I surmised the casinos must have excellent ventilation systems.

It would be interesting to see air quality readings of the smoking areas, especially due to a thought that went through my mind while I meandered through them: "The air here seems better than an average day outside in Beijing or Shanghai."

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