Sunday, October 20, 2013

The October Beer Street Festival in Zhuhai

During a visit to a shopping district in Zhuhai's Nanping Town yesterday, I felt a craving for potatoes, but none of the street food vendors had anything of interest to me. I then recalled unexpectedly stumbling upon a German restaurant a week or two ago. I thought it might do the trick, and it was only about a 10-15 minute walk away.

Upon reaching my destination, I discovered it was my lucky day as it was the location of Zhuhai's three day October Beer Street Festival--probably the closest thing to Octoberfest in Zhuhai. The St. Pauli Kommune German Restaurant & Bar was participating and had a special selection of food outside.

tent selling food and drink outside of the St. Pauli Kommune German Restaurant & Bar in Zhuhai, China.

Several other tents sold non-German food. And one tent sold selections from Finsta--a German family-owned distillery based in Xinxing County several hours away from Zhuhai. After sampling the offerings, I left with my first bottle of red lychee brandy--good stuff and not too sweet. Lychees will never be the same for me.

young woman holding a bottle of finsta alcohol

My initial goal was food oriented, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that potatoes were included in the meal I ordered from the St. Pauli tent.

small German meal on a paper plate

Given that the meal was a smaller portion and it passed muster (including the potatoes), I decide to sample another selection. This time, though, I accompanied it with some Hofbräu draft beer.

small german meal of sausages and a dunkel Hofbräu draft beer

Of course, the festival included music and dancing appropriate for the "party" theme of the day.

singers and dancers on the stage at Zhuhai's October Beer Street Festival

The crowd steadily grew through the night, with the focus mostly on the stage.

crowd at picnic tables for Zhuhai's October Beer Street Festival

Although sometimes the performers came out into the crowd.

singer standing on a large box

adults and children in a conga line

man and woman singing surrounded by children

Similar to experiencing a bit of China in Germany, it was fascinating to see the mix of very different cultures. And I'm glad I had an unusual craving for potatoes, or I probably would have missed it.

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