Thursday, October 10, 2013

Still a Variety of Mobile Phones for Sale in Nanping, Zhuhai

In addition to an Android Store having changed since my visit last year, the selection of mobile phones for sale and which brands were most promoted in a shopping district in Zhuhai's Nanping Town changed as well. I will share here some of what I noticed during two recent visits. It is not intended to be an exhaustive review, and it represents only one shopping district in Zhuhai with a large number of mobile phone stores.

1. Last year many of the stores had Nokia storefront signs, even though they sold a variety of phones. Many, if not all, of those signs have been changed to something else. A few of the stores now have a China Mobile sign similar to the ex-Android Store. Some stores still have Samsung storefront signs.

mobile phone store with Samsung storefront sign

2. There are several Chinese brand-specific stores for smartphones. For example...

ThL has a brand experience store:

ThL mobile phone store in Zhuhai

Oppo, a brand that had a striking marketing campaign including Leonardo DiCaprio, has a store:

Oppo mobile phone store

Zopo has a store as well.

Zopo mobile phone store in Zhuhai

3. Vivo, Doov, Xiaomi, and HTC are all more prominent at stores selling multiple brands.

mobile phone store in Zhuhai with Vivo and Doov promotions outside

mobile phone store with displays for Xiaomi, HTC, Apple, Android, Oppo, and other brands

International brands common elsewhere in the world can be found as well.

4. As before, a variety of cheaper feature phones are available, but I think the selection of Chinese brands differed. The following photo includes Kliton, Ouki, Siwer, Fmee, Youme, Telsom, and others:

Kliton, Ouki, Siwer, Fmee, Youme, and Telsom mobile phones

For examples of other Chinese mobile phone brands (and some creative imitators) I saw a couple of years ago in southwestern China, see posts from Chengdu here, Zigong here, and Zhaotong here.

To sum it all up: Some of the brands available have changed. The "favorites" have changed. More smartphones are available. What has not changed is the great variety of brands available.

I will have more to say on these points later.

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