Friday, October 4, 2013

Scenes from Two More Temples on the Macau Peninsula

Over a year ago I shared some scenes from the Kun Iam Temple, A-Ma Temple, and the Lin Fung Temple -- all located on the Macau Peninsula. I recently stopped by two other temples on the Macau Peninsula, so I will share a few more scenes.

On the eastern side of the Macau Peninsula I visited the Tin Hau Ancient Temple (天後古廟):

Tin Hau Ancient Temple (天後古廟) in Macau

Tin Hau Ancient Temple (天後古廟) in Macau

On the western side I visited the Hong Kung Temple (康公廟):

Hong Kung Temple (康公廟) in Macau

Hong Kung Temple (康公廟) in Macau

Both temples were very quiet. And I suppose I must have been quiet too. Someone at the Tin Hau Temple closed the gate while I was inside. I thought a repeat of the experience I had at a Macau cemetery last year might be in store. But this time the gate was not locked, and I was able to slip out without disturbing anyone.

For more Macanese temple scenes, see the earlier post here.

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