Friday, October 11, 2013

The NRA in Zhuhai, China

As I enjoyed a street side late night meal of barbecued fish and vegetables in Zhuhai, China, yesterday, a shoeshiner walked by. My sandals weren't deserving or in a need of shining, but he decided to sit down with me for a chat. I asked if I could take his photo since he was wearing a hat that was remarkable to see in China.

man in Zhuhai, China, wearing a baseball cap with the word NRA

He did not speak any English and had no idea what the words on his hat meant. As I started to explain "NRA" to him in simplistic terms--"they like guns"--he looked at me like I was crazy. I realized that explaining gun rights and organizations with political interests in the U.S. could take a while.

I had fish to eat. He had shoes to shine. So I dropped the topic, especially as he didn't seem particularly interested.

It's just his hat.

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